The one-of-a-kind magnifying floor lamp brings together highly effective FULL-PAGE magnification together with flexible type adjust-ability as well as crystal clear, even lighting. 12 high strength LED’s offer sufficient lighting with regard to close work as well as reading. The super flex goose-neck furnishes the actual lighting precisely wherever you require it : change its height, shift it lower, adjust it all about to be able to precisely the perfect position for your own viewing.

This is certainly an enjoyable brand-new approach in order to offer extraordinary magnification as well as outstanding coverage. The actual super-large lens offers 2.5x-plus varied magnification, to very easily cover the whole page without having glare or even hotspots. Simple big-button on/off functioning. Characteristics consist of a good sized, powerful handle intended for simplicity with maneuverability. And in contrast to that magnifying glass concealed away within a drawer, you will at all times know where this particular one will be.

With a 2.5 diopter lens, this will give a nice range of focal points for general reading and hobby work. A diopter is a measure of strength the lens has. The higher the power, in general, the greater the magnification but the lower the range of focus. So a high power lens will really magnify, but you must hold the object at a constant distance from the lens. Lower powers allow you to utilize a range of distances and fine to the optics to your liking. To Learn more about lens powers, read this post on diopters here.

This is by far the most popular magnifying glass we have seen as it constantly receives great reviews. You can find somewhat similar options in our magnifying lamp area, but the one on this page seems to offer great clarity and convenience at a fantastic price.

If these options are a little too big, then a handheld or pocket magnifying glass may be just what you need. And don’t forget about a simple pair of reading glasses which you can learn more about will help relax your eyes so you can stop straining and enjoy near vision again.