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Shenzhen Changlongxing Metal Products Co., Ltd. was established on March 18, 2004. It is now located in "Huafeng Science and Technology Park, Luotian Third Industrial Zone, Songgang Street, Shenzhen, with convenient transportation. It covers a total area of about 10,000 square meters. The company has 150 employees, a modern factory building, a full set of imported CNC processing equipment and a professional team of high-quality engineering and technical personnel. It also has advanced stainless steel processing equipment and rich stainless steel processing experience, and has strong technical force.
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Precision work to ensure that each product is accurate and qualified!
Chassis cabinets
专业生产LED铝箱,吊装箱,密封箱,简易箱.元亨,联腾,强力巨彩等是我们的客户,保证交期质量. 还可……
专业生产LED铝箱,吊装箱,密封箱,简易箱.元亨,联腾,强力巨彩等是我们的客户,保证交期质量. 还可……
Customized development and manufacturing applications for various industries
Changlongxing can provide R & D and customized processing of hardware products in various industries
Changlongxing—Six service advantages
Precision work to ensure that each product is accurate and qualified!
  • Design advantages
  • Manufacturing advantage
  • Cost advantage
  • Quality control advantage
  • Delivery advantage
  • service advantage
The company has a number of high-quality professional R & D and design team members, participate in the whole process of the project, communicate with customers in depth, and assist customers to complete product projects quickly.
Sixteen years of experience in metal products processing and manufacturing, providing customers with one-stop service from product design, mold opening, proofing, mass production and after-sales!
According to our more than ten years of experience in supporting processing cooperation, we can provide relatively cost-effective processing service programs for customers in various industries, and save costs for customers on the premise of ensuring product quality.
We have a complete set of advanced production equipment and perfect production process. Our factory has passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification. We strictly monitor every link from design, material selection, production, inspection, distribution, after-sale, check every level and make continuous improvement, so that the qualified rate of products can reach over 98%.
The factory has about 10000 square meters of independent production plant, nearly 200 production and supporting service teams, a full set of imported CNC processing equipment, its own delivery team, to ensure the efficient and timely delivery of products to customers!
All cooperation projects and products follow up the whole process to ensure that the after-sales problems after the delivery of products are dealt with in a timely manner, and assist the normal implementation and qualified acceptance of customer projects as required!
Choose changlongxing and open a new cooperation mode of personalized customization and processing!
Sixteen years of professional in-depth customized processing service experience, create a better era hand in hand with all partners!
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