Welcome to BigMagnify.com where you will find a number of available Magnifying glass options to help make tiny objects and print seem large enough to focus on again. All the lenses you will find are proven to work for anyone from hobbyists and artists, to those with presbyopia or low vision.

The stylish and useful magnifying floor lamp combines powerful FULL-PAGE magnification with an easy to adjust neck and clear bright light. Twelve powerful LEDs will provide abundant light for reading and close range work. The easily adjustable goose-neck will allow you to place the light precisely at the spot you require – You can adjust it anywhere you like. This floor standing sheet model is the perfect accessory for your near and detailed vision.

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As you will see, there are a lot of varying products available to help make items appear larger. You will find items like a simple hand-held lens or a higher quality LED enhanced device. Keep in mind, they don’t even have to be hand-held. Look below and you will see some very popular desktop or floor stand models as well. And while the importance of a good lens is tops, we also have digital versions available. Please browse below and soon everything will look that much bigger!

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easygripbinoculars roundlightedmag clipandflipmagnifier lightedfullpagemagnifier

One of the most popular styles would be the lighted glass. Equipped with a built-in light, this handy gadget helps to enhance low light reading conditions or locations where lamps are not present. Particularly useful for traveling, lighted magnification aids are usually designed to be shatter resistance in addition to being scratch proof. A highly recommended example of such a product would be the products offered at Eschenbach.

Look for a large on / off switch and an ergonomic handle, these products have been designed for easy usage in almost any condition. As travelers are more likely to fumble in the dark, this lighted option ensures that it is easy to find and use, even if they can’t see the switch.

Finally, your choice of which device you want truly depends on your purpose. If you are more likely to be reading while traveling in a dimly lit location like an airplane trip or long train ride, then the lighted magnifier would be the right choice. Otherwise, a high quality and durable hand-held lens would do wonders for professional tasks at home or at the office.

Another important aspect of selecting lenses would be the presence of special coating for scratch resistance. As lenses are easily prone to scratches, it is essential that the lens be applied with a layer of hard coating. This would help make the glass more durable and thus worth the premium that you would be paying for. You can learn more a about scratch resistance coating here. But the bottom line is that it will protect your lens from scratching, and that is obviously a good thing.

The creation of the hand held magnifying lens has truly been a blessing to many. Printed words on a page that seem to shrink in size can be easily read once magnified. Apart from that, graphic designers and artists find various types of magnification aids extremely useful while viewing detail on photographs or drawings.

When selecting a magnifying glass, one of the essential areas of consideration would be the lens type. In order for images not to be distorted especially at the edges, the use of high quality lenses such as Carl Zeiss lenses would be vital for a magnifying glass. Indeed, precision in the curvature of these lenses ensure that magnified words or images will appear as close to the original as possible.

For the most convenience in magnification, you may want to consider a pair of quality reading glasses from a reputable source such as www.ReadinStyle.com for your hobbies and other visual demands. Readers are essentially a pair of magnifying glasses built into an eyeglass frame. They range in powers from +1.00 to +3.00 diopters. +3.00 being the strongest available without a prescription. Because they remain close to the eye, rather than close to the object, such as a common hand-held lens, the power is depicted in fixed diopters rather than “x” amount of magnification. You can find more information an magnifying glasses by browsing our site.

For some of us, getting ready in the morning is a challenge without assistance from a magnifying mirror, thankfully we have some great options for those as well available in lighted options as well as wall mounted mirrors.